Thursday, May 5, 2022

Released new version (4.2) of our PHP Timesheet Script to make it work on mobile devices

We have developed a php timesheet script in the year 2010 and updated it many times to include many features, and sometimes to remove unwanted things to keep it a simple script so that usage and maintenance will be easy. As it was developed many years back, I hesitated to develop it further. Instead I thought of developing a new script from scratch. But that will take a lot of efforts, especially it will require a lot of testing.   So, I postponed that plan.  And therefore, I stopped selling it last year and I switched my focus to run my Science and Technology News YouTube channel. 

But many people approached me to get the timesheet script even when I removed the "Buy now" button from the site. I explained them that it might have outdated. But still some people bought it. It made me to realize the demand for our timesheet script. I did some detailed study to understand the timesheet market. Based on my analysis, a lot of people are selling cloud based timesheet membership. But the price is high though it looked very cheap initially. Some people are selling timesheet script, but they are not providing source code. Some open source scripts are available, but they are not fully developed. I had written similar thing when we started selling our timesheet script a decade back. It seems the situation is not yet changed. 

In brief, there is a good demand for good and affordable timesheet script even if it appears that the market is flooded with timesheet products. So, I thought of developing our timesheet product further. But at the start of this year I decided to put my 100% efforts for running my YouTube channel. So, initially I hesitated to spend time for timesheet development. Recently I heard about some events that made me to realize the risks of depending on YouTube fully.  So, I was looking for some YouTube alternative as I explained in my post about Odysee. After putting some efforts to find YouTube alternatives, I found that there is no alternative for YouTube as of now. Finally I decided to put efforts to start selling our Timesheet script again.

I have updated the timesheet script to make many pages mobile friendly. And, I replaced the popup calendar with jquery datepicker. After doing some testing, I released this updated script as version 4.2. 

Previously I was selling this script for $80 and sometimes I sold it with Discount offer. Now I am again selling it with Discount offer. If you buy it now, you can get it for just $40.

You may watch this video, to know more about our Timesheet Script.

We have done a lot of custom changes for many of our timesheet customers based on their own requirements. We have done date format changes, language changes, look and feel changes, work flow changes, changed the hierarchy (e.g added task), included various reports,  added new features like payroll, expenses, etc. 

Apart from that, we have developed separate timesheet applications from scratch for some customers.

So, we can do any kind of custom changes easily.

And, as our timesheet script comes with source code, our timesheet customers themselves can do any custom changes.

You can see  the live demo here. Let me ( know if you find any issue when seeing the demo. And, I welcome any suggestions for improving it further in the coming days. 

Refer this timesheet script to your friends who are interested to have their own copy of timesheet script instead of paying monthly for every user. I hope even people without technical background can also easily manage to setup and run this timesheet script, as it is very simple. Almost all the hosting services are providing php and mysql. You need to just create one database and mention it in while installing the timesheet.  By owning your own timesheet, you can easily make any changes based on your own requirements and your data will be safe with you. Ultimately you need not pay more than once, and you can create any number of users.

I am planning to start selling this timesheet script by running Google Ads. I will be doing ROI analysis in few days. I may cancel the discount or increase the price to have Positive ROI. So, if you want to use the discount offer, buy it now.

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