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Odysee Review - My experiences of using Odysee Video Platform. Will Odysee become YouTube alternative or just Backup for YouTube Videos?

In this post, I would like to share my experiences of using the Blockchain-based Video platform "Odysee" for the past one month.

I have a YouTube channel running from 2009, and I have uploaded more than 3500 videos, most of them are Science and Technology News videos. Though I started my YouTube channel as Hobby initially, currently I am doing it full-time.

A few years back, YouTube had disabled monetization for my YouTube channel two times.  As I am doing YouTube video creation full-time, I was exploring some YouTube alternatives to manage the risk of any further YouTube demonetization.

After doing a lot of research, I finally decided to use Odysee as YouTube alternative. One month back, I created my Odysee channel and synced with my YouTube channel.

Overall I have a mixed feeling about Odysee. All the basic things are working good and we can consider it as YouTube Backup. But, as of now, we can not consider it as our primary video platform.

I was able to create Odysee channel easily, and I could sync my YouTube channel easily with simple process. 1000 recent videos from my YouTube channel were copied to my Odysee channel automatically. In the description, Odysee is giving the link to the original YouTube video also.  Only 1000 videos out of more 3500 videos were copied. Personally it is acceptable to me, as my old videos are not much relevant now. If I want, I can download the video from YouTube and manually upload to Odysee.

Syncing will be done for videos only. It won't import playlists, comments and subscribers from YouTube channel. I manually created some playlists and added videos to the new playlists. It took significant time. 

Experience of watching Odysee videos on Web is good. But on their android app, video watching experience is not good, as of now. I hope they will be fixing the issues soon. Actually they are working well to fix the issues. A few days back, I reported a small bug related to video embedding on reddit, they fixed it soon.

Apart from uploading Videos, we can use Odysee to post text content also. And, we can earn money in crypto currency named LBRY Credits (LBC).  As the payment is in Crypto, I initially hesitated to focus on my Odysee channel. After doing more analysis I realized that withdrawing LBC to my bank account is NOT difficult.

LBC is not accepted by many Crypto exchanges. It is available only in a few exchanges like Bittrex. But those exchanges are not supporting withdrawal to my local currency. So, I had to use two crypto exchanges for withdrawing money from Odysee.

Currently we can earn from Odysee in different ways. Even for watching videos, Odysee is giving LBCs. And, as a creator, we can earn money based on "per view". 

Odysee is providing Live feature also. I tried it once, and it is working smoothly.

And, I have noticed that my Odysee videos are getting good number of views comparing to my YouTube channel.  Currently I have only 20 followers on Odysee while I have 64K subscribers on YouTube. New videos on Odysee are getting around 10 views while YouTube videos are getting around 100 views.  So, obviously Odysee is having good potential to get more views if I promote it instead of promoting my YouTube channel on my social media accounts.

And, I was very much impressed with the Odysee's decision for not blocking RT channel while many media included YouTube blocked it.

All these things made me to think about considering Odysee as my primary video platform instead of YouTube. So, I did more analysis. Then I realized that Odysee is not yet ready to be the primary video platform. Currently it is having many shortcomings. Though it is good for creators, it is not good for viewers. It is not supporting transcoding. So, the viewers are forced to watch the video at fixed resolution. It will either consume more bandwidth or limit the user to watch in low resolution. The user is not having option to choose the option of saving bandwidth and watching at high quality.

And, it is not having ClosedCaption(CC)/transcript feature. So, people can not read the speech as text. It will be difficult to watch video if the accent is not familiar.

The important things like Search and Recommendation are not working well. It is almost not useful now. It will completely push the viewers away from the platform.

Currently, Odysee is boosting the content based on Money deposited by the creators. It is like, showing "ads" to viewers without marking them as "Ads". It will bury the good content, and I believe it is insult to the viewers. I think it is a major issue. So, I mentioned it to Odysee CEO through twitter. But he didn't send any reply to me. Instead, he is very busy with mocking YouTube and others. He won't be mocking YouTube, if he knows how hard YouTube was working hard to encourage the creators initially. As I created my YouTube channel in 2009 itself, I know these things personally. I used to get emails from YouTube frequently with some offers. As I was very busy with my software development startup at that time, I missed to use that opportunity.

All these things along with the key thing of not having videos of favorite creators will force the viewers away from Odysee. It will in turn, discourage the creators also as they won't get views. Odysee's efforts to bring viewers using invite/referral program will be wasted.

And, I have noticed an another important thing. Actually Odysee is saying that they are paying most part of the revenue to the creators. But reality is different. They announced Odysee Premium for charging the viewers. But they are not sharing this revenue with the creators. I understand that they have many valid expenses. But the point here is, on the one hard they are heavily, publicly  criticizing YouTube for not sharing most part of the revenue with creators, on the other hand they are doing the same thing. I have noticed few other odd things also. For example, "per view" rate is getting changed dynamically.  And, on one hand they are saying that no one can remove the content from LBRY network, on on the other hand they are saying that their paywall will work on LBRY network level also.

So, I would say that Odysee is a good platform for using as a backup system for our YouTube channel. But, currently we can not consider it as YouTube alternative. Let us see how things are going. You can join Odysee using my Invite link

Share your thoughts and experiences related to Odysee through the comments.


Anonymous said...

I noticed the same thing with premium accounts. This article made me stop to think. I was going to promote them, but I'll hold off yet. Please follow-up with anyone with Web 3 video or media sites who believe in sharing the wealth. It's amazing that people who rail against centralization turn around and do the same things.

Body rooms said...

but does it effect your youtube channel should i sync or start new and upload them myself does youtube punish you does having videos on multiply platforms or syncing. does it change view ratios so you do 1 video on youtube 1000 views if you do a video on lbry rumble and youtube do you only get 500 300 200 or something like that

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