Monday, December 4, 2023

Announcing Special Discount offers for our India customers paying through Gpay/UPI (Update: This offer ended)

I have decided to offer special discounts on our products for the People in India who buy them using Gpay/UPI. This offer is valid till December 20th only

Find below the price in Rupees for our digital products.

Timesheet Software - $40 - Rs 800

Calendar Generator Script -$15 - Rs 300

Emerging tech ebook - $5 - Rs 50

Dream big  ebook - $3  - Rs 30

Usually, I sell our products through PayPal. However, my PayPal account is not supported in India. In the case of PayPal, our digital products will be delivered automatically. But in the case of Gpay, I need to do it manually. So, I hesitated to sell through Gpay. But now I have decided to spend significant time selling/delivering our products. Anyway, I will stop this offer if I find it very difficult to manage these manual sales. Make use of this offer before it ends and inform your friends also.

You can check our other products and services here.

I welcome your feedback about our products. I'd also like to explain another reason I hesitated to start this discount sale. Typically, low prices are associated with low quality. So, I was initially hesitant to offer this discount, even though it wouldn't affect me financially as these products are digital. Regardless, I've decided to go ahead with it because I believe it will benefit everyone, including myself, by helping us reach more people and build the QPT brand.

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