Thursday, May 25, 2023

Follow a simple step to get a Huge Discount for our Timesheet Software

We are selling timesheet software with the source for many years. Our timesheet software is developed using PHP and MySQL so that customers can use the script without spending additional money for the software as PHP and MySQL are free. And, almost all the hosting companies are providing hosting with support for PHP and MySQL. As we provide the script with source code, customers can make any kind of changes to make it suitable for their own needs. And, I am doing custom changes and adding new features for affordable hourly charges. So, this timesheet will be really useful for entrepreneurs, especially the new entrepreneurs running their startups with less budget. Because they need not spend money every month for each employee. Though this software is providing a lot of benefits to buyers, this timesheet is currently not selling well. So, I decided to do paid promotions. But it will make me increase the price to handle the promotion expenses.  I don't want to do that. After doing a lot of analysis, I decided to give a Huge discount to the person who retweet this tweet about the timesheet. I will believe it will help to increase the Timesheet Sales while doing promotion without spending money. But this approach may decrease my profit. I believe it can be managed from the opportunity it creates for doing custom changes.

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