Saturday, February 6, 2010

Answers for our Blog/website Visitor's Questions

One of our Blog/Website visitors has asked few questions thro' mail.
I believe some other visitors also will have similar such questions in their mind.

So, I would like to publish those questions with my answers here.

Question 1
I came to know about QPT from an advertisement. In fact, your website gave a lead to a free PHP hosting website. I would like to know if QPT has freelance opportunities for software development.


Currently we are not providing any freelance option.
Anway, you can refer some other freelance websites here

Question 2
I was browsing through Is that either a MAC based app or are you using Safari on Mac for the screenshots?
just using Safari on Windows.

Question 3

I was reading through your article Not convinced which application would have a requirement of reading a safe and secure password through an environmental variable. Wouldn't that be a grievous security breach for the operating system itself?

This is not complete project. Just part of task from our client.

Question 4
I was reading through your Is that a downloadable project?

No. It is a project done for our client.
Anyway, we are working on to provide some of our own projects (e.g timesheet, quiz) as free download.

We will be releasing our new website ( with lot of features including forum and free download section. You can ask your further questions in this forum section.

We will be releasing our forum within a week time. You can do further discussion there.
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