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Importance of Link Exchange for getting more organic traffic

The need for having Websites for doing any business is getting increased day by day.

Online marketing is becoming more effective than other traditional marketing approaches.

But, merely having website is not enough, people should visit our website.

There are many different ways available for attracting visitors to our websites.

Organic search, PPC (Pay-Per-click) advertising programs such as Google Adwords, website directories such as dmoz and affiliate programs are some of the ways to bring visitors to our websites.

Very important way is getting visitors from organic search. i-e From search results of Search Engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Why I am telling this way as very important?

First reason is, it won't cost anything. It is free traffic.
Next, it will continuously bring visitors without putting further efforts.

One more reason is, people will give more importance or will trust sites appearing in front page of Search engine results.

Mostly people will go thro' only the first few pages in the Search engine results (SERP).

So, how to bring our website in front page of the search engine results for our desired keywords?

If you are not familiar with Keywords I will explain with below example.

Recently, I have started selling my ebook about software testing and QTP automation. For selling this ebook I have created a sales page at

The eBook will be sold only when more target visitors come to this QTP ebook sales page.

In this scenario Target visitor means people who are willing to learn Software Testing or QTP and preferably people who are willing to buy an ebook for learning software testing and/or QTP.

If a person wants to buy an ebook for learning software testing how he will search his desired ebook?

Most probably he will type something similar to "buy qtp ebook" or "best ebook in qtp", or "best book for qtp online" or "book for learning software testing" or "book for learning qtp and software testing" in a search engine such as Google. Correct?

Here the search engines mostly won't consider the phrases such as "in" , "for" and "and".

From the remaining search phrases we can find some unique words such as "qtp", "ebook" and "software testing".

These are known as Keywords.

Targeting these keywords in the search engines will bring more Target visitors to our website. That means more sales and business development.

So, how to Target these desired keywords in search engines and how to get place in the first page of search result for the desired keywords?

The answer is Search-engine optimization (SEO).

i-e There are many different ways to do the SEO. Mainly it will fall under two categories.

One is on-page optimization and other is off-page optimization.

On-page optimization involves developing the web pages seo-friendly. i-e SEO related activities should be done while creating the webpage.

For example,
- We need to set proper title with desired keyword in <title< tag. - Keyword Meta tag should be filled with relevant keywords.
- Description Meta tag should contain details with enough keywords.
- Img tag should have proper alt attribute.
- Important keywords should be enclosed with proper highlighting using bold & italic tags or using header tags.
- We should avoid javascript menu which will block the search crawlers and bots. If you still want to use javascript menu for some reason, then you should provide a site map for the crawlers. It can be easily done by preparing text file or xml file with list of all links/urls in our website.

Apart from these things, we need to use tools such as mod_rewrite for creating seo-friendly urls or pretty urls

Our Team is good in developing websites SEO friendly and our pricing will be cost effective. If you want to outsource any of your html/php/mysql/javascript related web development work you can contact us for getting quotes.

We will do software testing also.

Even, you can buy our already developed modules such as web based time sheet which will be helpful for managing your team and project activities. Actually we too use this timesheet and realized the importance of having such as a timesheet.

Ok, now we can come back to the Search engine optimization.

Now, it is clear that targeting specific keywords in search engine is very important.

There will be lot of competition for your desired keyword if already many people are providing similar product or service.

That's why we need to understand how search engines do crawling, indexing and ranking.

I will write separate posts later for explaining these things in detail , and we can see only about "Link exchange" here.

Actually search ranking depends on many factors. Google will assign PageRank for each webpage. And, this pagerank will be the part of many factors which control the Search ranking.

Again this PageRank (PR) will depend on many different factors. One such as factor is inbound link or backlink.

Link Exchange
is one of ways to get more backlinks.

Actually Link Exchange should be done within same type of websites or compatible websites only.

For example, I am willing to do link exchange for my Software testing ebook sales page.

In this case, I should do link exchange only with other software testing related webpages only. And, that webpages should have good pagerank also.

While doing link exchange we should provide the linktext with our desired keywords.

So, if you are having any software testing related website you can include the below piece of HTML code in your blog or website.

<a href="" title="Software Testing eBook">eBook for learning Software Testing and QTP</a>

Send me below details to my email id once after adding above code.

- URL in which you have added above code
- URL which needs to be included in our site/blog (If it is different from above one)

We will place your link in any one of the site/blog after doing some analysis about relevancy and traffic. We may not include your link if is not appropriate for doing link exchange. In this case, you can remove our link from your site/blog.

Once after adding your link, I will email you the url of page where your link is added. And, we will keep your link till our link is available in your page.

Apart from this link exchange there are many different ways (e.g submitting links into social bookmarking sites) are available to do SEO. I will explain them in coming posts.

I believe in win-win approach. Doing link exchange will give benefit for both of us.

But, excessive link exchange will do harm. Link exchange should be done so that the links should be useful for the site visitors.

Share your SEO experience thro' the comment section.

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What a great post!.. Now i m clear about SEO, I am waiting for your next post on crawling,indexing..etc.

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Two-way linking in the form of link exchange helps increase your site's visibility in search engines.

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