Tuesday, March 20, 2012

How to Calculate Keyword Density

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Keywords are the key to help your website get a better ranking and a stronger chance of getting visible on the search engine results page.

Why use keywords:
The keywords are now what many people in the old west called the gold rush. The reason for saying so is that the person utilizing the right keywords would be able to not only get more traffic but also would get a better ranking in the search engines as search engines like Google or Yahoo use the keywords in your web pages or the title of your web pages to find and tag them. Therefore the right amount of keyword density should be used by the writer of the web page content to increase the web pages’ visibility on search engines.

What is keyword Density?
We know that keywords are the phase that people write in the search fields of all the search engines to get whatever they need on the internet. Some keywords that we write are to find something and tend to be generic and vague which means that upon searching, the users will get millions of websites as the result of their search. This means that if you have used those keywords you will be shown to the user. But what matters is that how much the keyword has been used in your content. If you have used the keyword only once or twice in a 450 word article then you should know that it will be ignored by the search engines as they tend to show only those pages that have high keyword density. Hence keyword density can be defined as the number of times the keyword has been used against the number of word in a given article or content. So to ensure that your page is among the top results of the SERP or the search engines it is of utmost importance that the keyword is used repeatedly.

Calculating the keyword Density:
As it is clear that to write a decent and considerable web content you need to have the right keyword density. But the question arises how to calculate it. To calculate the keyword density you need to find out the number of words you have written. You can see the total word count of your content on the bottom left corner of your screen. Then go to the home tab and at the end of it you will find the find button. By using it you will get your keywords highlighted after you type the keyword. For example if the keyword is “density” typing it will show you the number of times you have used the word “density”. Divide the total number of words of the content with the number of times you have used your keywords and then multiply it with hundred. Following these steps will give you your keyword density.

To promote your website the keyword density is very important and it is for that reason that web page developers must know how to use it in their websites to increase its visibility and ranking.

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SP Pattanaik said...

Hasn't Google and other SEs changed their algorithm to blacklist websites that use more than 4 to 5% keyword density? Or maybe i read it wrong somewhere?

Also are there any free tools better than the adwords tool from Google?

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