Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Planning to focus on Software Testing Projects....

As specified in my previous post, we conducted a Walk-in Interview for recruiting SEO Trainees on March 1st in our Chennai Office.

I visited our chennai office on March 1st for conducting this walk-in interview (Usually I will be in our Ottapidaram (Tuticorin) Office)

I was surprised to see the Good response for our walk-in announcement in DurgaJobs.com. It seems this Job site DurgaJobs.com is growing very fast.

And, this Walk-in Interview helped me to choose appropriate candidates without spending much time and effort.

Previously, I used to spend lot of time in shortlisting the candidates by going thro' each and every resumes received in email.

And, I used to make call to the shortlisted candidates for scheduling interview for them. I had to spend lot of time for this process as some of the candidates may not be available while making call to them. So, I have to either call them again or need to contact them thro' email.

And, I will ask them to come for interview only after explaining them about our company, job location , nature of job and salary details. Almost everyone will be showing interest to attend interview. So, I will stop making calls to further candidates. But on the interview date only very few candidates will come for attending interview. So, I will be having very limited options to choose appropriate candidates. Again, the selected candidates may Not join on the joining date.

So, I had to start the process again to do the recruitment. Ultimately I will be spending lot of time and energy to do the recruitment.

This Walk-in Interview helped me in lot of ways. The first thing is, the walk-in interview attracted only the candidates who are very serious about their job search and serious about their career. So, I need not spend my time unnecessarily with the non-serious candidates.

The next thing is, since the walk-in interview was conducted in our office premises, the candidates who are not comfortable with our Office location and infrastructure didn't wait for attending the interview. So, again it helped me to avoid the unsuitable candidates.

I selected three people and asked them to join on the same day. Two persons called me on the next day and informed me that they were going to take offer from another company. Since I had number of shortlisted candidates during this Walk-in Interview, I was able to ask two other candidates to join immediately.

I would like to thank DurgaJobs.com for their help to make our recruitment task easy and effective.

In the Walk-in announcement, I mentioned that preference will be given to the candidates with Software testing knowledge. Because I thought Software Testing knowledge will help them to do SEO effectively for our Software testing related website and web pages(e.g QTPbook.com)

So, many people with Software Testing knowledge also attended this interview. And, most of them prefer to do software Testing related jobs than doing SEO.

Since personally I have good experience in Software Testing, now I am planning to focus more on Software testing projects as I came to know that it is easy to get Software Testers. (As of now, we focus on doing SEO and PHP/mysql development).

I already had a LinkedIn Discussion about the SEO vs. Software Testing. Almost all of them were suggesting to focus more on Software Testing than doing SEO. So, I think it is the right time to prepare some of our employees to be experts in Software Testing. i-e We will be ready to take Software Testing tasks also in addition to doing SEO work and web development (php/mysql/jquery/ajax/wordpress/)

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