Monday, October 22, 2012

Future of Online Business - YouTube, Android Apps and Google Plus

Past few days I had done a detailed analysis about the things that will be having huge potential  for earning Money by doing business online.

And, I came up with below three things.

1. Media/Streaming Sites especially YouTube.
2. Mobile Apps especially Android  Applications.
3 Social Media especially Google+.

 So, I am planning to focus on these three things, i-e YouTube, Android Apps and Google+.

First I will start with YouTube, as YouTube has already enabled monetization for our YouTube Channel.

Many people have subscribed to our YouTube Channel. Right now, we have 182 Subscribers, and the channel views count crosses Half Million.

I am analyzing various ways to add quality videos into our YouTube Channel

We have added many Motivational Quotes Videos and uploaded videos about Google Doodles. Even we have added a video about a Recipe   and Obama. Anyway, right now we are NOT experts in Video creation, though we are good in making it SEO friendly. So I am looking for various ways (Remixing creative commons videos, getting videos from freelancers) to get quality videos for our Channel. I will write a Separate post about it later.

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