Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Attrakt.com - The Next Big thing in "Content Curation" after Pinterest.com

These days millions of websites are available to provide content about any subject. But the biggest challenge is finding right content. Search Engines such as Google.com help to find suitable content from millions of websites upto some extent. But still it is NOT effective as the Search engines don't know much about the quality of the content.

The concept of "Content Curation" (The process of finding, organizing and sharing online content ) is growing fast to solve this problem.

I have explained about Pinterest.com few months back. Pinterest.com uses "Content Curation" concept to provide Images/pictures.

Recently I came to know about Attrakt.com which is growing very fast by applying "Content Curtaion"

Attrakt.com allows the users to create their own "Search boxes" by specifying URLs of websites from where the box need to do the search. The URLs / Links can be a website, image, webpage, youtube video, twitter Hash tags, or/and RSS feed.

For example, if you frequently browse the motivational quotes in few websites (eg. TheQuotes.net, wikiquote.com, brainyquote.com ), you can search all these sites from single search box. You need to create a search box from Attrakt.com by specifying these websites. Or, you can use the search box created by other users.

i-e Attrakt.com is somewhat similar to "Custom Search" provided by Google. But it looks like Attrakt.com is working on to provide more features. Let us wait to see how Attrakt.com is growing. i-e We can consider the Attrakt.com as the combination of Wiki and Google Custom Search.

It seems Attrakt.com is growing very fast. You may refer the below Alexa rank screenshot.

I will be writing a detailed blog post about Attrkt.com in few months once I am much familiar with this emerging site.

If you are already using Attrakt.com, you can share your experience thro' the comments.

UPDATE on 2014: It seems Attrakt.com becomes failure project. I am NOT seeing search boxes there now.

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