Monday, July 22, 2013

Bounce Rate improvement for TheQuotes.Net

 Our Motivational Quotes site TheQuotes.Net  is getting good response from visitors. The visitors are sharing the motivational articles and pictures with their friends thro' social media, and they have started using the Facebook Covers available in And, home page of this site got more than 3.6K Facebook "Likes" while writing this post.
But this site is still not getting traffic from search engines especially from Google. I had done lot of on-page optimization for this site. But still no improvement.

One reason may the poor Bounce Rate for this site.  Previously it was not optimized for mobile devices. But lot of people were visiting this site from their mobile devices. This may be the reason for the poor Bounce Rate. So, few days ago I had made it mobile friendly. But it didn't help to improve the Bounce Rate much. So, I had taken few more steps for improving the Bounce Rate. I had added "previous" and "next" buttons in articles and facebook cover page by hoping that it will help to improve the bounce rate for this site. Let us see whether it will improve the Bounce Rate.

And, I would like to know whether improving Bounce Rate will really help to get search traffic. I am curious to know how actually search engines find the the Bounce rate of any site. I heard that Google won't use Google analytic data for its search engine as it is not permitted by regularity.

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