Saturday, July 27, 2013

Google Adwords for Beginners [Infographics]

Few years back I had tried using Google AdWords for promoting our products especially our Timesheet.

But I stopped running AdWords campaigns as the money got from timesheet sales was much more lower that the money spent for running the Adword campaigns.

Recently I am getting very low adsense income from Google. I always try to find the opportunity in any negative situation. Similarly, lower adsense income made me to think about running the adWords campaigns again. i-e I assume that I can get good traffic/conversion by spending less on AdWords. My assumption will be wrong if the reduction in Google AdSense is driven by Google's greediness of taking majore share from Adsense income. I believe that Google won't be greedy, therefore I had decided that it is the right time for running adWords campaigns again.

So, Today I have started running the Google Adwords again. This time, I am planning to run the PPC campaigns by applying the lessons learnt from my previous campaigns.

And, I am trying to study more tips for running Google Adwords effectively. While searching for Adwords tips I got a chance to see this infographics. It seems this infographics is very useful for running adwords. So, I am sharing it with my blog readers also.

28 Tips For AdWords Beginners – An infographic by the team at AdWords Blog

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