Monday, August 26, 2013

Focusing on selling Software Testing eBook again.

Few years back, I had written an eBook "Software Testing and QTP Automation" for sharing my knowledge about Software Testing especially Test Automation using QTP (Quick Test Professional)

 I sold this eBook thro' our website, and it was selling good. So, I had decided to publish it thro Amazon kindle. Few months back I had published the Print edition also.

After start selling this Book thro' Amazon,  I haven't focused much on selling eBook from our website.

Few days back I have noticed the below review comments from the Buyer who bought this Book from Amazon UK site.

The terminology used by the author is very simple and easy to understand. The book contains screen shots of the steps, not many though. Only downside is it took ages to get it delivered but it was worth the wait.

From this review comments, I came to know that Amazon is taking more time to deliver the Book. And, I have noticed that "Used" book price is more than the "New" book price because of increasing demand for this Book.

 So, I have decided to focus more on selling eBook version of this Book. And therefore, I have created a sales page at our for selling the eBook.

You can buy this eBook from here.

I have announced a Offer price for boosting the eBook Sales. This Offer will be available for few days only. I am planning to start running PPC campaigns for promoting this eBook  in few days. I may increase the eBook price to cover the ads charges. So, if you want to utilize this Offer price, buy this eBook today itself.

And, still you can freely read this Book content from

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