Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Selling our Timesheet Software with Special Discount offer for Entrepreneurs in India.

We had started developing our Timesheet Software around 4 years back. And, we are selling it as product to the people interested in getting their own Timesheet software instead of paying money monthly or yearly to some third-party hosted timesheets.

We had done lot of custom changes to many of our timesheet customers.
And, recently I had decided to sell this timesheet software by running Google AdWords Campaigns.

After starting the Adword campaign, I came to know that the cost for getting customer for Timesheet in India is very less comparing to getting customer from U.S or U.K.

So, I had decided to give special Discount to the India customers. And, India Customers can buy our Timesheet Software by making payment to my bank account in India. It will further save the paypal fees. Therefore I had decided to sell this Timesheet Software for Rs.3,000 to our India customers. Note that this is limited time offer only. I will close this offer at any time.

You can get more details at

Let me know if you need any other details about this offer. Note that you can get this timesheet software with Source code, and it supports managing timesheet for multiple companies. Therefore you can start your own hosted timesheet business just by investing Rs. 3,000 one time.

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