Saturday, March 5, 2016

Know about Youtube Shortcut Keys

Google's Video sharing site is growing rapidly. Lot of people are sharing their knowledge and experience through their youtube videos.
Youtube is sharing ad revenue with video creators. So, people are getting encouraged for spending lot of time and energy to share their knowledge through their youtube channel. And therefore we could find lot of useful and interesting videos in the youtube website. Ultimately we will be spending lot of time in watching youtube videos. So, it will be good to know about shortcut keys for using youtube player effectively just by using keyboard alone.

Many people are familiar with using "space bar" for pausing/playing video in many different video platforms. They will be trying to do the samething with youtube also. But it won't work always. It will work only when the focus is on the youtube player control part. So, we should use "K" for pausing/playing youtube video. Few days back I had created a youtube video for telling about the useful youtube shortcut keys.
Watch the below video to know about it.

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