Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Updates about Our Discussion Forum.

Past few days, I was spending lot of time in updating our websites to make them more secure and mobile-friendly.
As part of this updation, I had updated our Discussion Forum also.  Our Forum is running  from phpbb3 software. First I updated  it to its latest version, and then I made some changes to remove many of our old applications that were using the forum login. Since those applications are now either outdated or not actively used by the people, I removed them. For example, I removed SERP checker, Inbound Link analysis, PR checker, Affiliate program, twitter multipost, stock news reader, etc. and therefore I updated the Forum to break the integration with these outdated apps. Right now the Forum login supports Quiz and Quotes Tweet only.
Since Search Feature of the Forum was taking more database space, I thought of replacing the phpbb search feature with Google Custom Search. And therefore I disabled search and added Google Custom search. But after disabling the search, I had noticed that  few other useful features (eg. links for View unread posts, View new posts, View your posts)  were also removed. So, I enabled the search feature again. Anyway, I  changed the search indexing from "Fulltext native" to "Fulltext mysql" to save database resource.

So, now we have both built-in search and Google custom search. Let me know if you find any difficulty in searching our Forum.

Since I am spending significant time in creating youtube videos, I decided to inform about our latest youtube videos to our Forum members.  I explored various options to do that. Finally I decided to use the Feedburner image for showing titles of 5 latest Videos. You can see this image at top of the Forum.

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