Friday, February 16, 2018

My Amazon Influencer Page - See Recommended Products and Latest Deals and Offers

Visit my Amazon Influencer Page to see my Recommended Products and the Latest Deals and Offers Provided by Amazon.

I have already added many products into this page. Daily,I am spending significant time to update this list to include the latest Deals and Offers provided by Amazon, and to remove the outdated products. I am adding the products only after doing lot of analysis by going through the Reviews and considering many other factors. Anyway, do your own research before buying the products mentioned in my Amazon Influencer page.

To make use of the Deals/Offers/Discounts provided by Amazon effectively, bookmark my Amazon influencer page and visit it daily to see the latest offers. I believe this page can help you to save significant Money.

And, inform me ( if you have any suggestions to make this list more effective. And, let me know if you know any alternate/similar product which is better than the listed product, in terms of Price, Quality, Availability, Delivery and Packing.

Apart from my Amazon Influencer Page, you can check the Gold Box Deals provided by Amazon to get the products at Discounted Price.

In the Year 2009, i-e around 9 Years back, I joined Amazon's Affiliate Program known as Amazon Associates. I added the Affiliate links, Banners, and Widgets in few of our Websites. Even I created Amazon's aStore also. And, I received the first payment as Amazon Gift Card. But, later on I stopped focusing on Amazon Affiliate program, as my Google AdSense earning was much better than the Amazon Associate/Affiliate program. And, I had to spend lot of time in our Software Development related activities.

I came to know that many people are making higher earning by adding affiliate links in addition to Google AdSense. But I hesitated to do this, because of 4 reasons. One is, I expect/assume drop in adsense revenue due to Amazon affiliate links; Second, I don't want to spend much time in adding affiliate links; Third, the difficulties involved in receiving payment from Amazon comparing to Google Adsense which will directly deposit money in my bank account in India. But Amazon used to send me the check payment for my Book Royalties. En-cashing the Amazon check used to take significant time and effort from my side. And, the affiliate program won't work for India users, we need to join affiliates program separately and we have to share the appropriate link according to the Country of the visitor. So, I avoided spending time for adding affiliate links in our websites and YouTube Channel.

Now I have decided to spend my Time and Energy to earn Money from Amazon Associates program. Let me tell the reason why I made this decision.
Few Months back, I had published a Kindle Book with title "How to Earn from YouTube Videos?: My Experience with YouTube". But it didn't make any sales. Few weeks back, I updated this Book content and published Paperback version also. And, I decided to promote this Book, as I thought it will be useful for the new YouTubers. So, I spent significant money for running paid campaigns for promoting this Book. I tried Facebook Ads, Reddit ads, GoodReads GiveAway, LinkedIn Ads and Amazon AMS ads. But it didn't make any sales. And, I got reviews/advice from KDP Forums and GoodReads that it is difficult to sell my Book due to various reasons like, low number of pages, Spell mistakes & Grammar mistakes, poor cover image, and the availability of best similar Books. Personally I feel my Book will be useful for the new YouTubers irrespective of these shortcomings. Anyway, I don't want to waste my Time and Money in promoting this Book which is not making any sales even after spending significant amount of Money for the promotion activities.

So, I stopped/reduced all the promotion activities for the Book. This Book promotion activities made me to think about doing the Amazon Affiliate promotion again. Since I was spending significant amount of Money for Book promotion, I thought of earning Affiliate commission in addition to the Royalty payment for selling my own Book. By going through various Forums and Discussions, I came to know that this practice is allowed by Amazon and many Authors are doing it.

And, payment related issue also got solved as Amazon started supporting Payoneer. So, I decided to focus on Amazon Affiliates/Associates again, at least for my Book promotion. Though I stopped the Book promotion, I decided to continue the Amazon Affiliate promotion activities. Since our YouTube Channel is getting significant number of traffic, my efforts won't go waste this time. Anyway, I am going to do it in limited ways only. I am not going to target all the people. As of now, I plan to use only the, that means I will use it for U.S traffic only, and will do it without affecting AdSense much, i-e I will include the Amazon Affiliate links in few places only.

I started including the Affiliate links in few pages/videos. And, added Amazon's native shopping ads also in few pages. And, I came to know about Amazon's Influencer program. I just applied for it and it got approved instantly to give me this vanity URL in Amazon.

I added few products including my Books. And, I am planning to add more products and Deals/Offers daily. I am exploring various Products and going through Reviews and Price/Deals details so that I recommend best products. Suggest me if you know any better products to be included in this page.
And, if you are Amazon Seller, let me know if you run any Deal/Offer/Discount for your product on Amazon, I will include it in this page if it is suitable for my audience. I am planning to make it as a place for my Readers/Viewers to check daily to find best Offers for the best Products. So, you can bookmark my Amazon Influencer Page, and share it with your Friends who may be interested in it.

Regarding my Book, generally I believe in Never Give Up attitude. So, I will start promoting it again later after improving it further, mostly, after including new chapter about earning money from Amazon Affiliate Program based on my experiences that I am going to get in the coming days.

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