Thursday, February 22, 2018

Updates about "Quote of the Day" News Letter from TheQuotes.Net

Few years back we have started sending "Quote of the Day" email news letter for the people who are interested to receive Motivational Quotes in their email.
I used php's mail() function for sending these emails using cron job. I followed all the required things for running the News Letter. i-e The News Letter mail will be sent to only the people who confirmed/verified their email id. And, the "Quote of the Day" mails used to have the "unsubscribe" link.

I came to know that the mails were getting delivered to spam folder for the Gmail users, even though I followed all the best practices for sending News Letter email. Most importantly, confirmation/verification emails were also delivered to spam folder. So, lot of people couldn't verify/confirm their email.

I tried various things to fix this issue. I added many header values suggested by many discussion forums, and I tried with PHPmailer also. But nothing helped me to solve this issue.

So, finally I decided to use the third-party News Letter Service "MailChimp" which allows upto 2000 subscribers for FREE. But it is having some shortcomings. Previously, the "Quote of the Day" mail used to be composed automatically using the Quotes and Images stored in our website. I need not do anything to send the Quotes News Letter. But Now I have to manually create the News Letter Campaign content in MailChimp. Anyway, it is having easy-to-use interface. But I am not sure whether I will be doing it daily. And, the MailChimp will be allowing only 12,000 mails per month in the Free Plan. So, I will be reducing the Mailing Frequency. i-e I may not be sending the "Quote of the Day" mail daily in future. And, I will be removing the inactive subscribers.

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