Thursday, November 8, 2018

Updated our Timesheet script as version 4.0 to make it work with latest PHP 7

For many years, we are selling our Timesheet Script which is developed using PHP and MySQL Database.

A lot of our Customers are using this Timesheet script, and we have done various kinds of custom changes for them ranging from simple Date Format change to complete workflow change.

But past few months I was not actively promoting this timesheet as it was using MySQL connection instead of MySQLi.  The latest PHP is not supporting the MySQL connection. So, I wanted to start selling our timesheet script again only after replacing MySQL with MySQLi to avoid any potential issues that can arise when our Script buyers upgrade their PHP version.

Past few days I was spending a significant amount of time and effort to update our script to make it work with the latest PHP.  And, I released this updated script as version 4.0. I tested it with PHP 7.2 and it is working fine, and it is ready for sales.  So, now I am planning to start selling it again.

I have created a page to show the Screenshots of the script and created a video to tell about our Timesheet script, and updated our Timesheet Demo also.

I am working on promoting this script through Google Ads and exploring other options also to promote this script. I welcome any suggestions for promoting this script.  Initially, I started selling this script with an Offer price of just $80. I thought of increasing the price after making some sales.  But still keeping the same price. i-e Planning to continue the price of $80. I will be deciding about increasing the price based on doing ROI analysis after running Google Ads Campaigns for a few weeks.

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