Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Promoting Motivational Quotes Book

A few days back I have published a new Motivational Quotes Book. Read my previous post for more details.

I believe this Book is having a Good potential for selling Good. Currently I am promoting this Book through Amazon Ads and Google Ads.

I would like to do more promotion for this Book. I came to know about BookBub promotion. It seems they are  providing PPC option also. I am planning to test that too.
 And, I would like to explore more Book promotion options. I welcome any suggestions.

My first Book about Software Testing was selling good without doing any paid promotion. But it was more than 8 years ago. Now it seems everything got changed due to heavy competition.  My previous Book about YouTube earning was NOT selling good, though I believe  it will be good for anyone who is willing to earn money from YouTube. I did the mistake of not promoting it well, though I  tried Facebook Ads, Reddit ads, GoodReads Give Away, LinkedIn Ads and Amazon AMS ads. I stopped all my promotions because of negative ROI.  I don't want to repeat the same mistake with my new book. Now I realized the importance of doing paid promotions effectively. I understand that ROI will become positive only if we do the promotion activities continuously irrespective of the initial negative ROI.

And, I welcome any suggestions for tweaking the Google Ads and Amazon Ads to improve their performance.

I believe this Quotes Book will be more appropriate for giving as Gift in the Holiday season. So, I believe this is the right time for promoting this Book. And, therefore, I would like to spend significant amount of Money for promoting this Book.

Apart from spending Money, I am exploring more ways for doing the promotion.

I already started doing cross promoting this Book through our websites and Apps. And, planning to use our YouTube Channel effectively to give more exposure to this Quotes Book.

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