Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Published Free Android App "Christian Calendar 2019"

A few weeks back, I have posted about our web application for generating Motivational Calendar with our own events.
For promoting this web application, I published an Android app "Motivational Quotes Calendar 2019" which is created with the help of our Calendar Generator.
Since our Bible Quotes Android App is downloaded by a significant number of People, I thought promoting any App related to Bible can be easily promoted with the help of Admob's free in-house ads.

At first, prepared the initial list of Christian Events for the Year 2019 by referring to various websites. And, improved the list by getting suggestions/feedback by sharing the initial list with relevant social media groups.

 Then, I created a 2019 Calendar by specifying the Christian Events List with the help of our Calendar Generator Script. And, I have taken screenshots of each monthly Calendar.
 Then, I collected royalty-free images from pexels.com website and then collected some famous Bible Verses.

 With the help of GIMP image editing tool, I created 12 images by combining the pictures, bible verses, and the Calendar Screenshots. I used the TinyJPG website to reduce the file size of the Images.
 And, then I created a simple Android App using Android Studio to show these images and a lot of Bible Verses. I included Admob Ads to earn from this App. Then added Notification feature into this App to send messages from Firebase console.
I have published this Android App on Google Play Store and Amazon. You can freely download from your preferred place.

If you like this Free App, share it with your Friends and Social Media Groups and Rate/Review it.

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