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Generate your Motivational Calendar 2019 with your Own Events.

A few Years back, we have released a Motivational Calendar Generator.  Past few days I was spending significant Time and Effort to improve this Calendar. Initially, I thought of adding a lot of new features. But after doing more detailed analysis, I had come up with only a few improvements to keep it simple.

Finally, there are 3 key improvements.

1.  Added option to allow the Users to add their own Events. For example, they can add the Birthday of their Family Members or they can add their  Business related events into their custom Calendar to be shared with their Customers and Suppliers.
2.  Become Mobile-friendly. We can use it from Mobile Phones also.
3. The Custom Calendar generated by the User will be saved in Database. That means, they can easily share their Calendar with anyone, and they can view it online at any time. Previously they had to save it as a pdf file to share with others.

Apart from these 3 things, I had updated the Calendar Generator with 2019 Holidays list of India and U.S.

And, now you can click on the Thumbnail images to view the large image easily before generating your Calendar.

Initially, I created this Simple Tool with the intention of allowing the users to get a Calendar with Motivational Quotes

Now, I realized that it can be used more than that. Especially, it can be Used as an Event sharing system.

For example, you can generate your calendar by including Birthday and Anniversary of all members in your Family, and then you can share your Calendar with everyone in your Family through your Family WhatsApp Group or any other Social Media Group.

And, if you are running any Small Business you can use it for doing Brand promotion.  You can generate a Calendar by specifying your Business related Events and share it with your customers.

Bloggers can effectively use it to bring traffic to their blogs. For example, if you are running a Film Industry related Blog, you can create a custom Calendar by specifying the Birthday of Film Celebrities. And, remember to specify your Blog URL also.

The same approach can be used in any Field, such as Sports, Tech Events, Community Events, Awareness Days,  etc.

Specify your Calendar through the Comments. It if is interesting or useful, I will share with my Social Media Accounts including a Twitter account with 70K Real Followers. Even other people may also share it if they find it useful.

Your Creations need not be limited to the year 2019. You can create Custom Calendars for previous years also to showcase your Achievements or any milestone events happened in your Life or Business.

And, contact me if you want me to develop any similar Tools/Software/Web App using PHP and MySQL.

And, if you are new to this Calendar Generator, just follow the below steps.

1. Go to Calendar Generator Page at
2.  View the Thumbnail Images. Click on any image to zoom it.
3.  Click "Refresh to Change Images" button if you don't like any of the Images.
4.  If you want to include the Holidays, choose the preloaded Holiday Events for U.S and India, otherwise choose None.
5. Click "Add Event" button to add your Custome Events, like Birthdays.
6. You may replace the default text "TheQuotes.Net" with your Name or your Company Name.
7. Click "Generate Calendar" button.

Your Calendar will be Generated according to your specifications. You can see the Event Names specified at the corresponding Dates as well as at the End of the Calendar.
You can share this Calendar with anyone and you can check this at any time by bookmarking it. And, you can click the "Print" button to print you Calendar or to save as  PDF file.

Contact me if you have any questions about this Tool and let me know if you find any Errors when using it. If you like it share it with your Friends.

Sample Calendars: 

Find below some Sample Calendars which are generated using this Tool.

Android Apps for Calendar 2019
With the help of this Calendar Generator, we have created Android Apps to show the Calendar 2019.
You can freely download the Motivational Quotes Calendar 2019 and the Christian Calendar 2019

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