Friday, April 1, 2022

Are you looking to earn money online or doing a small online business?

I am planning to start working as a freelancer to guide anyone who is planning to start a small online business.

As specified in my previous post, my highest priority for this year is, promoting my YouTube channel. So, I will be able to spend only a few hours per day on this freelance thing, and therefore I will be accepting a few clients only.

If you haven't read my online money earning experience post yet, read it first before continue reading this post, to have a better understanding of what I am talking about here.

Previously I worked as a freelancer doing web development and software testing for many projects many years back.

But this freelance initiative will be a bit different from my previous thing. 

Previously I used to do whatever task given by my clients based on their requirements details and instructions. I stopped doing this kind of work, as I had to spend more time on my YouTube channel. I found it difficult to manage time to do both things as I had to make myself available according to my client's schedules.

But now I plan to spend my time based on my free time. i-e Instead of completely stopping doing freelance work, I plan to do it for people who are ready to be flexible with my available time.

I plan to set the per-hour rate based on my workload and availability of free time. 

Instead of just doing software/web development work, I plan to do complete guidance for doing online business, as I had gained a very rich experience in doing small online businesses by trying various things. Though I am not much successful in many attempts, I learned a lot of lessons from them. So, I can guide others so that they do better from the beginning by avoiding the mistakes that I made.

So, if you have a product or service idea, I can guide you starting from choosing target audience, domain, website development, landing page optimization, lead capture, SEO, Testing, Social media promotion strategy, running Google Ad campaigns effectively, etc.

Even if you don't have any product/service idea, I can suggest simple online earning approaches (e.g blog, YouTube channel, eBook, freelance work, etc) based on your skillset and passion.

As I am exploring various emerging technologies daily to upload videos on my Channel, I got good exposure to business opportunities related to emerging technologies also. I can suggest a suitable idea based on your skillset and interest.

But earning from online business is not easy. We have to do a lot of hard work and we need to have a single-minded approach and have clear communication. And, it is having a lot of risks also. I can NOT give any guarantee for the success for your business initiatives. 

If you are interested, contact me at

And, if you are already running any business and looking for a paid promotion, you can place sponsored ads on my YouTube Channel videos.

For many years I was selling timsheet script. Recently I stopped selling it as I don't have enough time to do custom changes, and the script is a bit outdated. I have plans to update the script and start selling it again. I am exploring options to develop it further or make use of this experience in developing a similar product. Anyone interested in this business can work with me on win-win basis. (e.g developers can earn by doing custom changes, marketers can earn commission by selling it). The primary reason behind thinking about this project is, that we had done a lot of hard work for optimizing (link building) the landing page. I would like to make use of that landing page in some way. For Example, if you have any good timesheet product, I can sell it there on a revenue-sharing basis.

A few years back I created a few simple android apps and promoted some of them using various campaigns (including Google ads) for many months. Some of them got good ratings and reviews and gave some earnings. Later on, I stopped promoting them, as I switched my focus to promoting my YouTube channel. Because of lack promotion, the growth is declining now. So, I plan to sell them.

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