Monday, February 6, 2023

Released an eBook about Emerging Technologies.

For many years I was thinking about publishing an eBook about emerging technologies based on my experiences of uploading the latest science and technology news videos on my YouTube Channel. I strongly believed that a huge need to do that. Because I observed a huge gap between the science world and the business world as I mentioned many times previously. Users are getting the benefits of new research and innovations with a huge delay because of this gap.

Most business people are just trying to copy the success of others instead of looking for the opportunities available with emerging technologies, and obviously, they fail due to the tough competition. Personally, I experienced this when trying to run a software development business. I faced difficulties because of the competition while I enjoyed a smooth ride running my Youtube channel which we can consider an emerging technology at that time of starting it in the year 2009.

The best visible example is the recent publicity of chatGPT. Everyone is exploring it and trying to make use of it for their growth.  And they face tough competition as everyone tries to do something with it.  But the fact is, openAI is already providing similar AI Tools for a long time and we see a lot of unimaginable AI innovations done by many research groups over a long period of time. Those who started exploring early are making use of them effectively without facing much competition.

So, I felt a need to bridge the gap between Scientists and Entrepreneurs by publishing a Book telling about what is happening with emerging technologies so that business people can look for new effective business opportunities instead of just wasting their time competing with already saturated markets. I was thinking about writing the book for many years, but I had to postpone my plan many times as couldn't spend enough time. And, I am not good at writing and English is not my first language. All these things were blocking my plan of releasing a book about emerging technologies.

Recently I made a decision to just publish a simple version of the book instead of waiting forever.  I thought it will be helpful to promote my YouTube Channel. So, I spent some time compiling key innovations and released it as an eBook with the title "Interesting Innovations in Emerging Technologies" using Amazon KDP. 

You can buy it from Amazon, or preferably you can buy my new emerging technologies ebook with more content at an affordable price from here.

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