Friday, February 24, 2023

Imagining the Future

Predicting our future world has become increasingly challenging due to the rapid evolution of new technologies. Just a few decades ago, we could not have imagined the extent to which our lives would be influenced by the internet and related technologies today. Many experts believe that the fourth industrial revolution will introduce even more transformative technologies that will greatly impact our lives in the coming years. Therefore, it has become very difficult to envision what our future world will look like.

Let's consider some possible scenarios. The rapid advancements in computing power, artificial intelligence, quantum computing, IoT, and material science are expected to drive widespread automation across various fields. This could enhance productivity and safety while also affecting job opportunities for humans. Initially, this may seem like a negative development, but in reality, people can receive financial support through Universal Basic Income schemes without having to work. Several countries have already conducted pilot studies on the implementation of Universal Basic Income, and the results have been encouraging. Contrary to popular belief, this approach has motivated people to pursue their interests rather than becoming lazy due to the availability of money without work. This ultimately leads to an improvement in overall productivity.

Developments of nanodevices will improve the medical field by improving drug delivery, imaging, monitoring, etc. Tiny cameras can be swallowed as pills to diagnose diseases. Once CRISPR Gene editing comes into the mainstream, the entire medical field will see a major change. We will be able to cure a lot of diseases easily, apart from creating designer babies. And, people started talking about artificial womb which can help to avoid pregnancy burdens. The advancements in developing Bionic devices are blurring the differences between humans and machines. Overall the medical field is trying to improve our health and increase our lifetime. But it will create an issue also. i-e It will create a society filled with many aged people. It creates the need for social robots for helping the elderly.

While we see improvements in our lifestyle and health, our Earth is facing climate change problems. Many scientists are saying that it will become a huge issue if we do not take the required actions as soon as possible. So, many research groups have already started developing carbon capture technologies. And drinking water issues are also becoming a big problem in many places. That’s why scientists are exploring various desalination techniques to get drinking water from seawater. 

Looking back at history, we can know the fact that our lives may be affected by technological changes in some way. But the core part of our lives is mostly independent of technology. We can always find happiness and peace in our lives by focusing on good things like love, courage, gratitude, and integrity while avoiding negative things like jealousy and greediness. This fundamental fact is not changing irrespective of time and technologies. Anyway, it is always good to keep an eye on emerging technologies to improve our careers in the coming days.

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