Saturday, April 15, 2017

Published a Kindle Book to share my experience of earning money from YouTube Channel

I have published an Amazon Kindle Book with Title "How to Earn from YouTube Videos?: My Experience with YouTube"  for sharing my knowledge and experience that I gathered in the past 8 years by running my YouTube Channel "QualityPointTech".

If you are interested to read this eBook, you can buy it from Amazon.

Note that this book is NOT for telling any secret ways for earning money from YouTube, and it is NOT going to give any tutorial about YouTube. It is just for sharing my understanding and experience with YouTube.

So, if you are expecting to get some tutorials and tips for helping you to earn huge money from YouTube easily and quickly, then this eBook will NOT be suitable for you.

I have enrolled this eBook to Amazon Unlimited and Kindle Select programs.

I would like to get review comments for this eBook. Amazon's Kindle Select program will allow me to make this eBook available  FREE for few days.  I am planning to use that option for getting review comments.
So, I have created a free promotion offer which will allow everyone to get this eBook for FREE on April 16th and 17th. 

 Once after getting this eBook, remember to add your Reviews and Ratings in Amazon website.

And, if you are reading this blog post once after Free Offer ends, and still interested in reviewing this eBook, let me know by sending an email to me ( I will inform all the interested people by sending an email once after  I decide the dates on which this eBook will be available for FREE in future.

And, note that my other eBook is available for FREE Today and Tomorrow. (i-e on 15th and 16th April) So, if you are interested to get that Book for FREE, you can do it from here  Add your Review and Ratings at Amazon for this Book once after you get it freely. Share this Free Offer with your friends who may be interested to get it.

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Thursday, December 22, 2016

Released Free Android App for our YouTube Channel "QualityPoinTech".

As specified in many of my previous posts, our YouTube Channel "QualityPointTech" is growing steadily and therefore I am shifting my focus from web development business to our YouTube Channel.
Though our channel is having variety of videos, like Motivational Quotes, GK, IQ Tests, Google Doodles and SQL Tutorial , my main focus is on giving latest Science and Technology News through our Youtube channel.
Daily I am spending lot of time and effort to find latest Science and Technology News from various sources including Press Releases from many Universities, such as MIT, Stanford, Harvard and UC. And, I used to check various Science and Technology related groups in various social media websites. Apart from these sources, I used to explore various crowd-fuding sites like Kickstarter and indegogo, to find innovative products.
And, I am cross-checking various other sources to make sure that I am giving genuine and latest news items.  In short, I am taking many steps to make our youtube Channel as the best place to get latest Science and Technology News.

I had already uploaded lot of Science/Technology Videos covering various topics, like Robots, Drones, 3D printing, Nano Technology, CRISPR Gene Editing, Material Science, Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning and Gadgets.
So, I believe People who are interested in knowing latest Science and Technology News will like our YouTube Channel.  And, I wanted to make our Channel Videos easily available to them. And, therefore I have released an Android App for our youtube Channel.  Apart from showing our own YouTube Channel Videos, this Android App will be showing Popular and Latest Technology News Videos that are collected from the entire youtube site  using YouTube's auto-generated playlists.

You can freely install this App from Google Play Store  or Amazon App Store.
If you like our App, remember to give your Reviews & Ratings in the App page. And, if you find any difficulty in using our App, you can inform me by sending email to

And,  I expect your suggestions to improve our channel further.
If you are expert in any technology and willing to share your knowledge with our channel viewers, I welcome you to contact me through the email.

And, refer our YouTube Channel and Android App to your friends who may be interested in watching latest Science and Technology news and other useful videos.

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Friday, November 18, 2016

About the Revolutionary Gene-Editing Technology e.g CRISPR / CAS9

 In this post I would like to write about the Gene Editing Tools, especially about CRISPR / CAS 9.

 Gene-Editing is not new, it is available for many years. But recent developments such as invention of CRISPR  are making huge differences  by simplifying the Gene-editing process. Previously Gene-Editing was a very complex and tedious process that needs to be done by experts. But CRISPR which is known as "Molecular Scissors" made this task comparatively simple.

These days, we used to hear about  lot of surprising news about CRISPR gene-editing. For example, designer babies, stopping the ageing, Cancer cure, curing blindness, etc.
Some of them may be true, and some of them are not true. We will come to know about which of them are true in near future.

Anyway, there is no question about the huge impact of CRISPR or any other Gene-editing tool to the humanity in coming days.

The advent of CRISPR/Cas9 has revolutionized the Genome Editing Industry. This technique is allowing a previously unattainable level of genomic targeting with greater efficiency and simplicity. Due to this ability, the share of CRISPR/Cas9 is continuously increasing in the Genome Editing Industry.

According to the  "Global CRISPR/Cas9 Market Outlook 2022" report provided by  Research and Markets, it is anticipated that the global CRISPR/Cas9 market will cross US $1.5 Billion by 2022.

The growth of the market is likely to be driven by expanding drug discovery applications and increasing research related activities for exploring CRISPR/Cas9 therapeutic applications.

The major application areas of CRISPR/Cas9 include cell line engineering, genetic engineering, CRISPR plasmid development, human stem cells, gene library development and producing GM organisms or crops. Cell Line Engineering is the largest area of application of CRISPR/Cas9, followed by Genetic Engineering. The genetic engineering market employing CRISPR/Cas9 is expected to witness the highest growth in 2016-2022. This growth is likely to be driven by reduction of evolutionary time in comparison to previous gene editing tools, such as Zinc Finger Nucleases (ZFNs) and Transcription Activator-Like Effector Nucleases (TALENs).

Watch the below video to know about CRISPR.

Already scientists have taken a key step toward a cure for sickle cell disease, using CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing to fix the mutated gene responsible for the disease in stem cells from the blood of affected patients.

On 28 October, a team in China delivered the modified cells into a patient with aggressive lung cancer as part of a clinical trial at the West China Hospital.

MIT researchers have now added an extra layer of control over when and where this gene editing occurs, by making the system responsive to light.

With that system, gene editing takes place only when researchers shine ultraviolet light on the target cells. This kind of control could help scientists study in greater detail the timing of cellular and genetic events that influence embryonic development or disease progression. Eventually, it could also offer a more targeted way to turn off cancer-causing genes in tumor cells.

Using the CRISPR Gene Editing system, the MIT biological engineers have devised a way to record complex histories in the DNA of human cells, allowing them to retrieve “memories” of past events, such as inflammation, by sequencing the DNA.

This analog memory storage system — the first that can record the duration and/or intensity of events in human cells — could also help scientists study how cells differentiate into various tissues during embryonic development, how cells experience environmental conditions,  and how they undergo genetic changes that lead to disease.

And, Salk Institute scientists were able to partially restore visual responses in blind rodents. This will open new avenues for basic research and a variety of treatments, such as for retinal, heart and neurological diseases.

Lot of people are investing heavily in CRISPR related companies. Anyway, still patent war is going on between various research groups.  So,  it is not  clear about the role of CRISPR in the healthcare industry.
Do you know any interesting or useful details about CRISPR or any other Gene-editing Tool? You can share the details through the comments.

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Thursday, August 4, 2016

QualityPointTech shop at SpreadShirt. Get T-Shirts and other Merchandise with various Designs and Quotes

As specified in my previous posts, I am focusing more on developing our YouTube Channel
I am spending lot of time and effort for regularly adding useful & interesting Videos and latest technology news videos.

Our channel is getting many new subscribers daily, and view count is getting increased steadily. Right now I am earning money by showing Google Adsense ads in the youtube channel as I explained in this video.

But earnings from Google adsense is low comparing with the affiliate earnings reported by many other similar youtube channel owners.
Few years back, I thought about participating in affiliate marketing to earn additional money from our websites and youtube traffic. I explored few affiliate programs.  But that time I didn't choose to focus on affiliate programs, as I thought it will take lot of efforts to earn any significant money.
But now I decided to opt the affiliate program as youtube it self encouraging that activity.
After exploring various affiliate programs I decided to choose Spreadshirt which is officially supported by Google/Youtube.

I created a shop at and regularly adding many T-Shirts and other products with Quotes and other designs.

It seems spreadshirt will pay 20% as affiliate commission and apart from affiliate commission it will pay volume commission for selling more products in specified time. And, it allows us to set our own price for our designs.
So, I hope it will be useful for earning some additional money apart from earning from Google Adsense. While I am exploring options to earn from Spreadshirt shop, at the same time I am very keen on keeping the shop really useful for the customers. I take every possible step to keep the price minimum. For example, I am using designs from free open art designs instead of using the marketplace designs which will increase the price further.

And, spreadshirt is offering some discounts at certain time periods. For example, while writing this post it is offering 15% off for any order.

You can check the offer details at header banner at

Share your suggestions to improve our shop further.

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Friday, July 1, 2016

Released QualityPointTech Timesheet version 3.2 with option to Unlock/UnFreeze submitted timesheet.

We have released new version (version 3.2) of our Timesheet Software.
We have updated the script to allow the the admins to unlock/unfreeze the already submitted timesheets. It will help the employees to make corrections if they have submitted their timesheet with any mistakes.

This feature was requested by many of our customers. So, we have decided to include this feature into the core script, though I always prefer to keep our timesheet simple.

You can see the demo here, and you can buy it from here.

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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Google's Modular Phone System "Project Ara" will be the Future of Smartphones.

Around 3 years back, Motorola had announced about its plans for releasing modular smart phones codenamed as "Project Ara". Motorola was part of Google when making this announcement.

After seeing this announcement I uploaded a youtube video to give news about it, and I was surprised to know about the huge expectation for the modular phones from various people.

I came to know that the modular phone concept video released by phonebloks got millions of views. And, I have gone through lot of discussions and comments about modular phones, particularly about Project Ara.

All the discussions are really interesting  and I got more interest with the project ara and I was eagerly following up the news about project Ara.

I came to know that the modular phone system can give lot of benefits to the users.  Modular phone systems like "Project ara" can help to improve the environmental conditions by reducing the electronic wastes. Because people will be using their mobile phones for long period of time as there is no need for replacing the entire phone when some part of the phone was malfunctioning, or you need to have any new feature to your phone.

In the 2014 Google I/O, Google's ATAP Team showed a demo of Project ara prototype. The Ara phone didn't boot properly during this demo. Anyway this demo gave lot of hope about the project ara. After viewing this demo lot of people showed interest in discussing about modular phones.

This interest was increased further once after Google successfully showed the spiral 2 prototype demo and the updates at Google I/O 2015.

And, another interesting thing about Project Ara is, we can create our own smartphone by choosing the modules according to our own specifications using Google's Ara configurator App.

Google says the device is designed to be utilized by "6 billion people"; including 1 billion current smartphone users, 5 billion feature phone users, and 1 billion future users not currently connected.
Ara Smartphones are built using modules inserted into metal endoskeletal frames known as "endos". The frame will be the only component in an Ara Smartphone made by Google. It acts as the switch to the on-device network linking all the modules together

Modules can provide common smartphone features, such as cameras and speakers, but can also provide more specialized features, such as medical devices, receipt printers, laser pointers, pico projectors, night vision sensors, or game controller buttons. Project Ara is open hardware platform. Google has partnered with Rockchip for getting cheap SoCs for project ara phones.
Google is working with Linaro to provide special edition of Android which will recognize when modules are added or removed on the fly.

Recently Google gave more updates about Project Ara at Google I/O 2016.

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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Google Space for reading and sharing Science and Technology News

Yesterday Google had released a new Social App named Spaces for doing Group-sharing easily from Android , iOS and Web.

I thought this new feature will be very useful for sharing Science and Technology news and for doing discussion about the latest innovations.

So, I have created a space for sharing Science and Technology News at

You can read Latest Tech News there and you can share you comments about it by joining into this Space. I hope it will be very useful for having useful discussion about latest innovations.  If you like this Space, invite your friends to join this space.

If you are not familiar with Spaces, watch the below video to know about Google's Spaces.

I am spending lot of time and effort to find latest technology news from various sources. So, I hope joining this space can help you to save lot of time in finding latest technology News.

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Saturday, April 2, 2016

Activated CloudFlare's Rocket Loader for few of our Websites

Few years back I had published a post about activating the Content Delivery Network (CDN) "CloudFlare" for one of our Websites.

Recently I came to know that CloudFlare is providing a new option for improving the quick loading of the website. This new feature is named as Rocket Loader.

CloudFlare explains Rocket Loader as,

Rocket Loader is a general-purpose asynchronous JavaScript loader coupled with a lightweight virtual browser which can safely run any JavaScript code after window.onload.

Turning on Rocket Loader will immediately improve a web page's window.onload time (assuming there is JavaScript on the page), which can have a positive impact on your Google search ranking.

So, I thought of trying this Rocket Loader feature in  our websites. And, I activated this option for our news website and our Motivational Quotes Website TheQuotes.Net

 This Rocket Loader feature is still in beta, so if you find any issue in loading/viewing our sites, let me know.

Right now, I am not seeing any issue in RtoZ,org. But I had noticed two issues in

One is, because of this Rocket Loader, our Facebook Cover application was not working properly in TheQuotes.Net website.
So, I added data-cfasync=false in specific part of the script to exclude it from Rocket Loader.

And  the Second issue is, this page loading performance was degraded. According to pingdom that page was loaded within a second before activating Rocket Loader, but it took more than a second after activating Rocket Loader.
After viewing the page source I could understand that Rocket Loader was adding its own js files even if the page is not having any javascript files. So, obviously Rocket Loader is reducing the performance of this page which is not having any javascript. So, I decided to exclude this page also. But it seems we can not do it by adding  data-cfasync=false. So, I excluded it from Rocket Loader by adding a Page Rule from the CloudFlare account login. Now it is loading faster.

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