Friday, March 29, 2024

Get ChatGPT/Gemini Course for FREE or with a Discount

 AI Tools ChatGPT and Google Gemini are having a lot of potential for improving our creativity and productivity. So there is a huge demand for learning them.

If you want to learn them, it is a great opportunity. I have created a course for teaching ChatGPT and Google Gemini for Beginners.

You can get my ChatGPT/Gemini course for free simply by following the step specified in this tweet.

And, if you want to buy this course you can do it from the below links. ( Use discount code QPT) ( Use discount code QPTAPR)

The Free offer and Discount offers are applicable for a few days only. So, use them before they end. Note that this course at Udemy got more than 1000 enrollments within a few days.

If you like this course remember to add your ratings and review comments and tell it to your friends also.

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