Sunday, May 24, 2009

Deleting taskmger created by Virus

Booting of my Computer started taking long time and Browsers such as FireFox and IE also started hanging sometimes.

And, sometimes booting also interrupted.

So, I suspected virus infection in my computer. When I checked the Task manager I noticed some strange process "taskmger". Note the spelling, it is not taskmgr.

By searching this taskmger in the windows registry (start->Run->regedit), I came to know the physical path of the taskmger.exe file.

But windows explorer didn't show the taskmger.exe in the specified path. Even setting the option (Tools->Folder Options->View) as viewing hidden files didn't help to see this taskmger.exe

So used DOS command prompt to see the files dir *.exe /a showed the taskmger.exe.

del taskmger.exe /a didn't work. It showed access denied error.

When I checked the attributes of this file using attrib it was showing as SHR.

So I changed the attribute using attrib -s -h -r taskmger.exe.

It helped to change the attribute. But the attrbute was again set as SHR automatically before entering del command.

So I kept ready with del command and then again changed the attribute. Then quickly entered the pre-typed del command. Finally the taskmger.exe got deleted and as of now I am not seeing any booting problem or browser hanging issue.

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