Sunday, May 17, 2009

Linkword - An Effective way of learning Foreign Language

Recently, I came to know about "Linkword" when we were doing project for one of our clients.

It seems Linkword will help to learn foreign languages easily and quickly.

Linkword was created by Dr Michael Gruneberg. It is a Mnemonic system which works based on similarity between the words.

Concept of Linkword is simple. When you are learning any word in foreign language you should imagine and remember a sentence which is framed from word in your language and a word which sounds similar to the word equivalent to the foreign language.

Wikipedia gives below example,

In Thai, khao means rice, imagine a cow eating rice

The background color of computer screen for this linkword course will be in black and the letter color will be in Yellow. It seems this color combination will make this learning very easy and effective.

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