Sunday, May 10, 2009

What is Inbound/Back Link and how to find them?

The Hyperlinks that link to our webpage from other websites are called as Inbound links or BackLinks.

For example, if a website "" is putting a hyperlink as "<:a href="">QualityPoint Blog</a>, then it is called as inbound link for the You can paste below code in your website or blog as inbound link for our blog.

<a href="">Blog for Software Development and Testing</a>

If you paste this code in your website/blog, then it will be called as outbound link in your site.

Having good inbound links and outbound links will help to get good Page Rank from Search Engines. Having good page rank will enhance the possibility of showing the site in the search result page (SERP) at good position (i-e in first few pages).

Yahoo is providing Site explorer API for finding the inbound links.

Enter the URL in the below input box. It will find the inbound links using Yahoo API. Please let us know ( if you face any difficulty.

Note: Adding 'www' to your domain will give different results. i-e Inbound links of will be different from Inbound links of

For using this API we need to get appid from yahoo. This service will return results in many foramts such as xml and php. This example is using PHP output.

We have developed a desktop based tool also for getting the inbound links. It is using xml output.

The yahoo site explorer api will list inbound links purely based on indexing done by yahoo only.

If you want to know the inbound links based on indexing done by Google, you can see it simply by typing "link:url" in the Google search box.

For example, searching link: will return the inbound links of based on Google indexing.

And also, if you want to see all the pages within your website you can do it by simply searching "site:url" in the Google.

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Lazy Pineapple said...

Hi There...this is the first time I have come to your blog. I have been trying to increase the outbound and inbound links for my blog.

Not being a software or SEO person...all this jargon really makes me crazy. Can you please help me for that....Thanks.

Rajamanickam Antonimuthu said...

Below post may help you understand them better

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