Thursday, May 14, 2009

QTP automation for testing .Net applications developed using Infragistic Components

Infragistics is mainly concentrating presentation layer of any software application.

They are developing many user-friendly UI (User Interface) Controls such as Treeview control.

NetAdvantage is their product that can be used in .net applications.

QTP (Quick Test Professional) won't recognize/identify the controls in any application which is developed using NetAdvantage even when QTP is equipped with .net add-in.

So, we should go for extending capability of .net add-in to make QTP recognize these NetAdvantage components.

Infragistics is providing TestAdvantage for this purpose.

We need to use this TestAdvantage in addition to .net add-in along with QTP.

We may face many difficulties when start using TestAdvantage.

To minimize the issues we need to follow below things.

1. We should follow the below installation order strictly.
QTP installation->.net add-in installation->TestAdvantage installation

2.Version of TestAdvantage should be exactly same as version of NetAdvantage. Even advanced version is not acceptable.
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