Sunday, August 23, 2009

Google SMS Channel for getting Free SMS in India.

Google SMS Channels is a free SMS service provided by Google in India.

If you are in India, you can subscribe to any SMS Channel for getting news/updates to your mobile as free SMS.

Doing Subscription for any SMS channel and adding your own SMS channel is very easy.
First, search for your desired Channel and you can subscribe to the selected channel by giving your Indian Mobile number.

Google will send you verification code to your mobile. You can complete the process by entering the verification code in the site.

You can unsubscribe this service at any time easily. And, you can make many settings to get the SMS at your convenience.

It seems currently it is available in India only.

And, for creating your own channel you have to give the channel name and url of your blog/site or url of RSS feed.

Google is providing Invitation only subscription to keep a private channel within friends and family.

And, it supports Unicode also. So you can get SMS in multibyte language (e.g Tamil) also if your mobile phone supports Unicode.

As of now, we have created Three news channels.

You can click the below links to subscribe to the desired news channel for getting free SMS.

QualityPointNews - Get our blog updates in your mobile.
GlobalTechNews - Get latest news about IT, technology, science and engineering in your mobile as free SMS.
HealthCareNews- Get the Medical and Health Care news in mobile.

IPL_News- Get News and scores for IPL cricket matches.

DailyQuotesSMS - Get Inspiring and Motivational Quotes from TheQuotes.Net

As of now Cricket updates is having more number of subscribers. Even we can find SMS Channel for getting alerts about Tsunami.

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