Thursday, August 27, 2009

We have added enhanced features to our Quiz

We have included new features to our Quiz.

Most of the changes are in Admin and Quiz Creator logins. We will provide more features for Users in our next release.

You can see the Quiz results of other Users to know about Popular Quiz Topic.

Quiz Creators are provided many options such as searching existing questions using Keyword and based on Quiz Creator.

Our next release will mainly focus on displaying links of relevant articles if the User's Quiz score is less in particular area.

Say for example, if an user attends PHP Quiz, and he made many wrong answers for php array related questions, our code will find good articles related to php array and will display the links for them at end of the Quiz.

So, we need links of good articles. If you feel that your blog or site is having good articles related to our Quiz topic you can send the links and their category/area (e.g php->array, javascript->cross browser) to the email id

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