Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Avoid Learning/Training centers and Job consultancies if you are willing to join in our Team

I came to know that many Learning/Training centers in Chennai, India are trying to mislead their students by giving wrong information as we are their client.

But we are NOT having any business relationship with any learning/training center.

We don't want to recruit anyone who is willing to get Job just by paying some money to Training centers or Job consultancies.

So, please avoid these Learning/Training centers and Job consultancies if you are really willing to join with us.

We are looking for Sincere and Hardworking persons to join in our Team.

Even we can consider freshers if they are very sincere and willing to work hard.

Learning php and web development is very easy, so don't waste your money and time with the Learning/Training centers. You can easily learn it from free online resources.

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Anonymous said...

Yes learning php is very easy through internet.

I lost my money thro training center.

சிவாஜி said...

Great! Though i learning pHp by going Training centre i love to learn thro internet.

Nice blog and Nice work!

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