Saturday, February 27, 2010

Smart Gmail

Today, I was surprised to see the below message from Gmail when sending a mail after composing the mail with the message starting as " I have included the below ...."

Did you mean to attach files?
You wrote "I have included" in your message, but there are no files attached, Send anyway?

I am not sure when Gmail has introduced this feature. Let me know if you have seen this message previously. And, you can share your experience thro' comments section if you have noticed any similar feature/behaviour of Gmail.

I am thinking whether I can include this feature also an advantage in the list of Gmail advantages.

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1 comment:

Wonny said...

I think it's quite long ago for Google to lunch that function. They are testing lots of experimental functions on Google Labs, so for me it is very interesting to see what kind of new labs they have and to enable some of them on my Gmail to be one of testers! :)

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