Monday, February 22, 2010

Xoom withdrawal is also NOT working for Indian PayPal Users

Previously, Indian PayPal users were able to use Xoom for withdrawing money from their PayPal account to their Indian local bank account.

But starting from yesterday, Xoom is also NOT working. All the recently started Xoom transactions are getting refunded to PayPal account.

It seems RBI had put restriction on Xoom also. So, currently Indian PayPal users can not use Bank account withdrawal and Xoom.

So, only Cheque and cc (Credit Card) withdrawal are now available for Indian PayPal users.

Issue, Delivery and Collection of Cheque may take long time (around 20-25 days). So, now Indian PayPal users have to use credit card withdrawal which costs 5$ fee and significant amount of ATM withdrawal fees and one day interest.

If anybody used cheque option and cc option you can share your experience. And, you can use comments section to convey any other options.

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yogesh said...

yes true my xoom account is not working and the money is getting reversed too bad i should have tried xoom a few days ago but i m trying on paypal cc withdrawal since the cheque that paypal sends takes more than 20 days for full debit intop account i have withdrawn a tests amount og 100 $ to my cc lets seew hat happens

chel said...

I haven't heard any of these problem in the Philippines. I just used xoom to wired money last week to my family back home and I paid it through Paypal as I have been doing for 5yrs now. But one thing I know though that if you use same xoom coupon twice for separate accounts but the same sender, xoom will not processed the transaction and xoom can put your money bck to your paypal.

BacklinkJobs.Blogspot.Com said...

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