Thursday, August 12, 2010

Twitter as Marketing Tool

In LinkedIn, one person had asked about the ways to use Twitter as Marketing Tool.

I had written below ways as answer for his question. Let me know if anything else can be added in the list.

  • Tweet your product details and blog posts at reasonable frequency.

  • Have separate Twitter accounts for different kind of topics.

  • Follow people in your relevant area.

  • Retweet good tweets

  • Provide ReTweet buttons in your site and provide link for following you.

  • Display your Twitter updates in your website.

  • Search your product in Twitter and reply for the relevant tweets in the search results.

  • Use Twitterfeed to automatically send your blog posts if you don't have enough time to tweet manually.

  • Use Twitter Background designed for your specific needs.

  • Update the Twitter profile (Bio, profile photo) properly.

  • Mention your Twitter profile in your Email signatures.

  • Use some kind of Bookmarklet to tweet any interesting articles easily even without loading Twitter site.

  • Don't tweet frequently. Otherwise your tweets won't show in Twitter public search which is used by Google Real time Search.

  • Never send spam tweets.

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