Thursday, August 5, 2010

Google AdSense will show advertisments based on your Search/browsing activity too

Everyone knows that Google AdSense is context sensitive ad serving system.

We know that Google AdSense will display the advertisements based on the keywords in the web page. For example if you are having a web page for explaining about the importance of the timesheet application then the AdSense will show the advertisements related to TimeSheet application.

Most of the AdSense optimizing tips will be concentrating on optimizing the keywords in the page and obviously explaining about ad placement.

Recently, I came to know that Google AdSense will effectively use the cookies to show advertisement based on your browsing history and Search history.

For example, if you search for "QTP ebook" and go thro' many QTP related websites and then browse a webpage which is not having any QTP related stuff, there is a possibility for QTP related ads getting displayed in that webpage.

It seems this type of ad serving is working based on DoubleClick DART cookie.

I am not sure whether many people are familiar with this fact.

If you are familiar, you can share any tips useful for optimizing the AdSense based on this fact. And, does anything can be done to improve effectiveness of AdWord campaign by using this fact?

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1 comment:

Kartik @ DailyTechPost said...

Thats a great news...this way there will more chances of people clicking on the ads :)

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