Monday, August 30, 2010

Twitter shuts down Basic Authentication

Twitter is going to shut down Basic Authentication Twitter API access tomorrow (August 31st).

Hereafter Twitter will support only the oAuth API access.

The switch to OAuth is a good thing, because of below reasons.

* don't have to worry about exposing the credentials for your users whether through a bug or other means (especially considering that a lot of people use the same password for multiple services);
* don't have to worry about the user changing their password — a user can change his or her password and the OAuth "connection" to your app will still work;
* don't have to worry about other applications masquerading as your application - only you can set the byline with your application name;
* will eventually have access to more APIs from Twitter that will only be available to "trusted" OAuth-enabled applications; and
* give the @twitterapi team more visibility into the network.

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