Thursday, November 10, 2011

HTML5 is replacing Adobe Flash. Earn Money using this opportunity....

Open your Chrome browser or your latest firefox browser.

Load "".

Search for "do a barrel roll"

What you are seeing?

This is the Power of HTML5.

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According to the Indeed Job Trends, "HTML5" is the #1 job trend - the fastest growing term over the last year.

Read below the article about the growth of HTML5. This Article is written by Pradeep who is working in QualityPoint Technologies.

It has been roughly 10 years we have been using the HTML-4 versions. Even though XHTML was released during the last decade by W3C , HTML4 did not see any major ground breaking changes. HTML -5 has been a hot topic now for a while ever since it was first released in 2009 and It seems like everyone is talking about HTML5 now. The HTML5 work stems from the WHATWG .

The useful and at the same time powerful elements added to this latest version of HTML made many web developers to think that “ finally Flash has got a worthy opponent” . Very recently Adobe systems which developed flash player which powers many media playbacks in websites has announced that it will move over to newer HTML5 technology and will halt that the development of its Adobe mobile Flash player . This puts an end to flash Vs HTML debate and it is to be noted that Apple Inc vehemently rejected the flash player stating that it is an inefficient power hog. Many other software and internet giants also have started to turn their attention towards HTML5 which clearly means that the tide is turning towards HTML5!! .

Social networking giant Facebook is also showing a lot of interest in HTML5 its recent acquisition of HTML5 app distribution company strobe is an example .And it has recently launched HTML5 resource center. In the HTML5 resource center you can built, test and deploy your app . They have also created a group called HTML5 that helps in discussing with fellow developers. And as it had ported its platform to the mobile world also , it is pushing hard with HTML5. Google is also focusing hard on HTML5 and investing millions in the development related to HTML5, It recently made changes to its web mail service – Gmail and made it a HTML friendly one and has included more features like resizing to fit the screen and customizing the placement of widgets . Google’s chrome web store gives access to its apps for its users and allows them to use it , Many would have be taken by surprise by its sleek and intuitive design and the web store was primarily built on HTML5. HTML video , offline Gmail are some of the apps in this web store that is sure to bring some smile to the users. Its Recent Halloween doodle was completely designed using HTML5 these are few instances to show that Google doesn’t treat HTML5 lightly.

Adding to the long list of corporate switching over to HTML5, Microsoft might be the latest addition to this , Even before the shock created by Adobe regarding its termination of its development of its mobile flash could settle down there has been reports from Microsoft that it would terminate the development on its Silverlight rich multimedia platform to focus on its own HTML5 efforts.

HTML5 enabled browsers are expected to gain a lion’s share in the next few years. The recent survey taken by ABI research Data nearly 2.1 billion mobile devices all over the world will be powered by HTML5 browsers by 2016. And as HTML5 is an open standard and hence many developers across different platforms are using it and more over it is being backed by Google , Microsoft , Apple , Facebook and Amazon . The list of mobile sites and applications that use HTML5 is growing rapidly . Twitter , Youtube , Amazon Kindle Cloud Reader , Financial Times are making a switch to HTML5. And HTML5's penetration into the internet world is very fast and steady .Undoubtfully HTML5 has every chance to rule the internet and its related applications.

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