Sunday, November 13, 2011

Show Direct Advertisements in highly Targeted QA Site

Few months back I had launched by putting my eBook contents freely.

Within very short period, this site has started getting significant number of visitors. The Important thing is, all these visitors are highly Targeted visitors (i-e People interested in learning Software Testing and QTP Automation). You can see the 1 month Google Analytics report here.

Many people are asking me frequently, "when you will start the next QTP Training program?".
But, right now I am engaged with lot of other tasks. So, it is not possible to start the training immediately.

So, I decided to allow the other Trainers to advertise their services in our Site at affordable price.

Contact me ( if you are interested to show your Banner ads in our site.

If possible, send below details also while contacting me.

1. Your landing page.
2. Sample of your Ads.
3. Your required placement in our site.
4. Price you are willing to offer, and the minimum duration.

Please note that I won't accept any ads which are NOT relevant to our site.

And, it can be used for advertising Software Testing and QTP related Books, eBooks, Seminars, Tools and websites/Blogs.

Even Employers and Consultancies can use these Direct Advertisements to find suitable candidates.

If you are an Expert in Software Testing and related Stuff, you can write Guest Posts for the You can add your link at the end of of the article as part of the Bio-line. In this way, you can freely advertise your site while showing your expertise to large number of people.

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