Monday, November 7, 2011

OnePass.Biz - Manually Created Directory of Web Sites useful for Business

Few weeks back, I had written about our plans regarding OnePass.Biz, a website for getting the details about important websites useful for business.

Our Team had done lot of hardwork to bring this site with hand-picked list of websites useful for Business, especially for doing Online Business.

Right now, it is having around 60 lists. Note that each and every list is prepared manually.

  • A site which contains collection of business related information as a list
  • All the lists are manually edited and the data has been included after careful analysis from various other standard sites.
  • Overall there are 66 posts that cover a wide business area and on various categories that comprise softwares, web based applications, payment process , cargo carriers , antivirus and lot more.
  • This site ranks 5th in yahoo and 4th Bing for its primary keyword onepass. And, it gets traffic from Search engines for other keywords such as "famous operating systems", and "online shopping sites" also.
  • Lot of SEO promotions has been done on this site for more than 5 months. So, it is having nearly 3K backlinks.
  • This site consists of a page list page that contains all the business related lists in a single page this has a high possibility to go for a viral propagation in social media.
  • This site can be very useful to implement reciprocal links . There are lot of open source php scripts available that can be used to perform mutual link exchanges between this site and the other .   .
  • “Onepass" is having good search volume (Broad- 135,000 , Exact -12,100)
  • According to SEMRush CPC for "onepass" is good.(i-e $1.11)
  • Estibot domain value is $45 USD
  • This site has a page rank  3.
 I am planning to sell this site. So, if you are interested to buy this site you can send your offer price  to me ( .  This site is having huge potential to be developed as a huge Business Directory. 

And, the potential buyer can easily earn by showing advertisements, and by allowing paid lists or paid links.

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