Monday, November 21, 2011

Real Time Traffic Data in Google Analytics

 Today I got an email from Google Analytics Team regarding the the new version of Google Analytics.
After receiving this email, I checked my Google Analytics Account and found an option to switch into the New version.

This new version of Google Analytics is having a redesigned interface that makes it even easier to explore the  data.

Apart from the improved Interface, it has some significant new features too. I found the Real-Time reporting very useful and still exploring the benefits of the other new features such as Multi-Channel Funnels, Mobile Reporting  and Flow Visualization.

I believe the Real-Time report feature will be very useful for the webmasters to measure the success of their Social Media promotion efforts and it will help them to make the Social Media promotion effective.

For example, assume that I tweet this post after publishing it. And, I can view the Real-time Traffic from the Google Analytics. From the Real-time reporting, I will be able to know when I need to tweet this post again.

You’ll find Real-Time reports in the ‘Home’ tab.

Note that the Real-time Reporting is still in Beta. When I compared the realtime reports from the feedjit and Google Analytics Real-time reports, I found that Goolge Analytics real-time reports are getting displayed with some delay.  And, I am not sure whether Google is going to provide any option to publicly show the Real-time traffic data. So, I think we need to use the other real-time traffic reports such as feedjit till Google address these things.

Multi-Channel Funnels is a feature that visually displays your TOP CONVERSION PATHS. Google will show you a snapshot of shopping behavior that leads up to a sales. Conversion path data includes interactions with many media channels, including clicks from paid and organic searches, affiliates, social networks, and display ads.

More and more, visitors are using mobile devices to browse the web. Mobile reports in the new version of Google Analytics help you understand how mobile visitors are interacting with your site. You can even see which mobile devices your visitors use and optimize for those devices.

Flow Visualization is a beautifully designed and highly sophisticated tool for graphically showing how visitors navigate through your site.

And, Google also rolled out Google Analytics Premium, the first paid Google Analytics product.

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