Friday, December 23, 2011

Jingle Bells in Google Home Page

Today (December 24th, 2011), Google shows an excellent animation of "Jingle Bells" song in Home Page of Google for celebrating the Holiday season. Note that Google had started showing Holiday Doodles yesterday itself.

Yesterday's Holiday Doodle was Static one. But Today it is showing animated Doodle with Audio of Jingle Bells music.

And, this Doodle is having option to mute the sound. At the End of the animation, Google will show the search results for the search terms "Happy Holidays".

Google used to show interesting animated Doodles such as Apple falling from Tree for the Newton's birthday and PacMan Game. Recently it showed animated Doodle for 60th anniversary of Staistaw Lem's first book publication

Marcin Wichary,  Sr. User Experience Designer of Google has explained about the technology used for showing the StanisÅ‚aw Lem Google doodle. And, Google made available the entire source code of this animated Doodle here.
Have you created any interesting Doodles using these scripts? If "Yes", yon can share your URL thro' the comments.

And, Watch the below Video playlist to see various Jingle Bells Videos. And, remember to mention here thro' comments about which one you like much so that I can rearrange the playlist order based on people's interest.

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