Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Wordpress 3.3 “Sonny" is released

The popular php based content management system (CMS) wordpress is getting updated to the new version "Wordpress 3.3 ". This New version is named as "Sonny" in honor of the great jazz saxophonist Sonny Stitt

"Wordpress 3.3 " is added with significant polish around the new user experience, navigation, uploading, and imports. It is provided with Tumblr import, improvement in simultaneous editing and iPad support. And, note that WordPress has had over 65 million downloads since version 3.0 was released.

This version can be downloaded from here and it can be updated from the Wordpress Dashboard also.

Find below the highlights of the "Wordpress 3.3"
  • Easier Uploading
    • File Type Detection - A single upload button.
    • Drag-and-Drop Media Uploader
  • Dashboard Design
    • New Toolbar in the dashboard, combining the Admin Bar and admin header
    • Responsive design for some screens, including iPad/tablet support
    • Flyout menus, providing single-click access to any screen
  • New User Experience
    • New feature pointers, helping users navigate new features
    • Post-update About screen
    • Dashboard welcome area for new installs
  • Content Tools
    • Better co-editing that releases post locks immediately
    • Tumblr Importer
    • Don't lose widgets when switching themes
  • Under the Hood improvements
    • Use the postname permalink structure without a performance penalty
    • Improved Editor API
    • is_main_query() function and WP_Query method
    • Remove a number of funky characters from post slugs
    • jQuery 1.7.1 and jQuery UI 1.8.16
    • A new Screen API for adding help documentation and adapting to screen contexts
    • Improved metadata API
  • Performance improvements and hundreds of bug fixes

Watch the below video to know more about Wordpress 3.3

I have updated our Social Media News Site with the Wordpress 3.3

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