Thursday, December 15, 2011

Opportunity to Start your own product selling business

Time Sheet Software/Script is having huge demand always as almost all the companies and Teams use them to improve their work efficiency.

So, we developed a Time Sheet script using php and mysql and it is one of our the best selling products.

For selling our TimeSheet script, we created an exclusive website "TimeSheetScript.Com", and we had done lot of SEO stuff to make it appear in Search engines so that the Target Users can come to know about this timesheet script.

This site got Google Page Rank 3 in short time. And, this site got listed in various script selling sites such as,,, and

Now, I am planning to sell this site. And, I have decided to give our Timesheet script with Re-Sales rights to the Buyer of so that they can easily earn from the site by selling our script.

Till now I haven't given the resales rights to the script to anyone else. Anyway, I reserve the rights to give the resales right to someone else in future, and we will be continuing our script sales thro' our other sites.

I believe this will be a great opportunity to someone who wants to start their own product selling business.

This opportunity will give the Buyer high demand product and relevant site for selling the product so that he can start earning money easily.

If you want to use this opportunity you can participate in this Flippa Auction is For Sale on Flippa!

NOTE- I set the reduced Reserve price, since 1 USD reaches Rs.54 (INR)Today.

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