Saturday, June 23, 2012

Google Doodle for Alan Turing Birthday

Today we are all seeing and playing with the interactive Google Doodle which is getting displayed for the 100th Birthday of Computer Scientist Alan Turing.

This Doodle looks suitable for Technical people, but everyone is liking this Doodle and "Alan Turing" and "Google Doodle" were the Trending Topics today in Twitter worldwide. Because, Google has made this Doodle so that everyone can easily solve this Doodle by trail-and-error approach even if they are not knowing what is happening. So, it became very famous. If you have missed to play this Doodle, you can still do it from this page.

You can watch the below video to know about Alan Turing and about the Doodle.

And, you might have noticed animal (Rabbit) symbol once after solving the Code for the word "Google". If we click on the animal symbol, the Doodle is showing the screen as shown in the below video. It is not clear what actually it is doing. Some blog posts are saying that they are solving the Fibonacci series. If you know more details about it, you can share the details thro' the comments section.

You can read of Quotes of Alan Turing from our Quotes Website.

This Doodle will be available on Google Homepage for One day only. If you want to play with this Doodle at any time, you need to visit this page.

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