Friday, June 29, 2012

What to Look for in Fast VPNs - Guest Post

Each VPN service promises fast speeds but very few actually provide them. Achieving fast VPN speeds is a three part problem; the user’s internet connection and hardware need to be fast, and the VPN server needs to be fast as well. If the user is connecting on a satellite connection they may not be able to maximize their speed because of latency issues. To get the best speed a user needs to carefully evaluate their potential VPN provider.

What Affects Fast VPN Speeds?
Distance from the VPN server, VPN protocols, Internet speed, bandwidth limitations, and usage restrictions can all affect VPN speed.  The best providers offer features that cater to each factor.
Features to Look For
Many Fast VPN providers promise unlimited service, but do not deliver. These features are important:
Unlimited Bandwidth: Bandwidth is the rate at which data is transferred. Every time a user transmits data or receives data they will need uncapped or unlimited bandwidth to maximize their transfer speeds. An active VPN connection will use bandwidth, so if VPN connection is slow it will be noticeable. Look for estimated bandwidth speeds that are comparable with the speed you have already.
Unlimited Transfer: Data transfer is the actual data that is transferred. While unlimited bandwidth is great, if a service caps transfer rates, users will be restricted. Unlimited transfer means users won’t have to track their data usage (upstream and downstream both count).
ManyIP Addresses: IP addresses are assigned to users by their ISPs, but a fast VPN will change the user’s IP address. If a user connects to an American VPN server they’ll have an American IP address, a German server will provide a German address and so on. When websites figure out that a certain IP address is part of a block (chunk of addresses) owned by a VPN service, they block it. It’s important for premium VPN providers to have many IP addresses available to their users.
High speed VPN service offers users greater online freedom and accessibility. Fast VPN providers own their own hardware and networks to provide stability and 99.9% uptime each month. Premium solutions also provide support and other features for enhanced service.  Users looking for speed should also consider security.  Regardless of speed, hackers can easily steal information from unprotected devices.  Users should carefully evaluate their needs and ensure their VPN has 256-bit encryption to keep their data secure.  

Author Bio
Julie Cranston travels around the world and always uses a VPN to access her favorite websites. With a fast VPN, she connects to the internet in foreign countries just as at home.
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