Thursday, June 21, 2012

Happy Kids enjoying Water [Potential Viral Video]

Few Days back I had uploaded a video to my YouTube Channel.

This video was taken few years back at Battery Park, New York. It shows the Kids enjoying the Water.

I uploaded this video in YouTube after adding few Quotes about Happiness, for promoting our Motivational Quotes Site "TheQuotes.Net".

Watch below this interesting video.

I believe everyone will like this video. So, you can share this video to your Facebook friends, and you may add it in your Facebook page to get more Likes for your page.

If you have your own blog or website, you can embed this video in your blog to bring more visitors to your blog.

Use below embed code or you can get it from YouTube page for adding this video in your blog post.

Let me ( know if you need any assistance for embedding this video in your blog post.

Embedding this Video will give below benefits to you.

1. This video is having potential to become viral video, as many people will like this video. (e.g Refer this post in our Facebook Page). So, embedding this video will attract the visitors to share/promote your web page / blog post too.

2. I have enabled public Statistics in YouTube for this video. So, YouTube will show the URL of the web pages where this video is embedded. So, your blog will be getting more visitors from YouTube page once this video start attracting many people.

3. In this blog post, I am going to list the URL of web pages where this video is embedded. It will help you to get "DoFollow" Inbound Link (Back link) from our blog so that your blog get some SEO benefit. Send me ( your web page/blog post URL once after embedding this video. I will add your URL in the below list. (It is Subject to Quality of your Blog/website).

List of Web Pages Embedding this Video.

  1. Happiness Quotes

Note that I will be adding the URL at bottom of the list. So, if you send your URL quickly, then your link will be getting more exposure. And, note that this kind of video can be embedded in any type of blog or website irrespective of niche or language of your blog or website. So, just embed this video in your blog and send me your blog post URL for adding it here.

Let us make this video hit Billions of views so that both of us can get benefit. (Win-Win Approach)

And, I am eagerly waiting to know what kind of Innovative and creative Title you are going to give for your blog post while embedding this video.

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