Saturday, June 16, 2012

We have launched Resume Posting Serivce at AutoResumePost.Com

 Today we are launching "Resume Posting Service" at AutoResumePost.Com.

This Resume Posting Service will allow the US Job Seekers to submit their resume to 50 Major U. S Job sites  (Including CareerBuilder, Beyond, Dice, Indeed, Monster, Net-Temps ) easily at affordable price.

They need to just enter their resume details in AutoResumePost.Com and their Resume will be posted to the 50 U.S job sites within 2 Business Days. And, they can get into all job sites easily from i-e They need NOT remember the URL, Username and Password of each and every job site. And, this service provides "Auto Login" option for many job sites. i-e Just clicking the "Auto Login" link will take the job seeker into the corresponding job site, without manually typing the URL, Username and Password. It will be very useful features.

So, their resume will be getting lot of exposure and visibility, and therefore they can get their desired job quickly.

For using this service the Job Seeker need not Spend more money. We set the price as $24USD only while other similar services charge more than $50 USD.

As Introductory Offer and  as part of promoting our Motivational Quotes Site TheQuotes.Net we are providing a Discount Offer for using this Service for few days.

You need to use  the promotional code TheQuotes.Net to get the Discount. i-e Once after entering your resume details you will be shown a screen where you can enter promotion code (i-e TheQuotes.Net) to get discount.

The code TheQuotes.Net will give HUGE discount. Use this code and you will be surprised to see the Huge discount.

If you are going to start using this Resume Posting Service, make note of the below things while entering your resume details in AutoResumePost.Com

  The city , state and Zipcode  should be appropriate, else the resume will  not be accepted in many sites.
    Password should be minimum 8 characters long.
    Phone number should be a valid one
    Resume should have minimum 500 words

We use our own Software for posting the Resume details to Job Sites Accurately. Anyway, we plan to check the resume submission manually also to make sure that  resume details are posted correctly. And, we have limited number of manual resources only. So, We may stop accepting the Promotion Code if we get lot of orders at a time.

So, if you are interested to use this Discount offer, use it now itself at AutoResumePost.Com

And, if you are having a Job Site and willing to start your own Resume submission service, refer my previous post to know more details for buying the Script used for starting this Resume Posting Service.

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